The list of investment projects planned for implementation on a competitive basis:


“Construction of 110/10 kV Substation” Cherkasy “with overhangs of 110 kV overhead line for power supply of the free economic zone” Minsk “, №10 plot area” Fanipol “.

The project is designed to provide reliable power supply of consumers of the free economic zone “Minsk”.

Project implementation period: 2016 – 2017.

Planned date of construction of the facility 1 year.

Estimated project cost: $ 18 million...


“Upgrade of 220 kV columns with transfer to voltage 330 kV and 330 kV overhead line construction Columns – Baranovichi”.

The project is necessary for the issuance of the Belarusian nuclear power.

Project implementation period: 2016 – 2019.

Planned date of construction of the facility: 3 years.

Estimated project cost: $ 57 million


The reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3 with the replacement of retired capacities queue 14 MPa.

The project is implemented within the framework of the modernization of the Belarusian energy system. The aim of the reconstruction is to increase the reliability and efficiency of Minsk CHP-3.

Project implementation period: 2017 – 2018.

Planned date of construction of the facility: 2 years.

Estimated project cost: $ 100 million


Construction of 330 kV Berezovskaya GRES – Pinsk – Mikashevichi.

The main objective of the project is to improve the reliability of power supply of Sochi and Berezovsky power unit, as well as optimization of issuance (delivery) of electric power in the backbone network of 330 kV from 400 MW CCGT unit number 5 and Berezovskaya GRES.
Project implementation period: 2017 – 2019.
Planned date of project construction: 2.2 years.
The estimated cost of the project: 130 million US dollars...



*Ads on the timing of the bidding organizations are placed (customer design) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on the website of the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study

The list of investment projects planned for implementation in terms of attracting foreign direct investment:


Name of the investment project, the project customer Capacity, MW Indicative amount of financing mln. USD.
1 Construction of Nemnovskaya hydropower station 20 MW (EN), RUE “Grodnoenergo” 2 134
2 Сonstruction of Mogilevskaya hydropower station 5,1 MW, RUE “Mogilevenergo” 5,1 29,4
3 Сonstruction of Shklovskaya hydropower station 4,9 MW, RUE “Mogilevenergo” 4,9 28
4 Сonstruction of Orsha hydropower station 5,65 MW, RUE “Vitebsknergo” 5,65 48,1
5 Сonstruction of Beshenkovichi hydropower station 33 MW, RUE “Vitebsknergo” 33 186
6 Сonstruction of Verkhnedvinsk hydropower station 13 MW, RUE “Vitebsknergo” 13 158


More detailed information on each project is available on the website SPA «Belenergo» 

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